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Predictive Sampling: Real-time Behaviour Synthesis with MuJoCo

CALIPSO: A Differentiable Solver for Trajectory Optimization with Conic and Complementarity Constraints

Dojo: A Differentiable Physics Engine for Robotics

Trajectory Optimization with Optimization-Based Dynamics

Fast Contact-Implicit Model Predictive Control

Direct Policy Optimization using Deterministic Sampling and Collocation

Scalable Cooperative Transport of Cable-Suspended Loads with UAVs using Distributed Trajectory Optimization

ALTRO: A Fast Solver for Constrained Trajectory Optimization

Sorting Rotating Micromachines by Variations in Their Magnetic Properties


RoboPianist: A Benchmark for High-Dimensional Robot Control

Differentiable Physics Simulation of Dynamics-Augmented Neural Objects

Differentiable Collision Detection for a Set of Convex Primitives

Use of a highly parallel Microfluidic Flow Cell Array to determine therapeutic drug dose response curves